Tableau Data Day Out – Recorded Sessions

As a follow-up to my last post, we now have all the presentation recordings from our Data Day Out event in Melbourne available for viewing.

Ideas that Should Die
32 MIN
Scribbles and Lines
20 MIN
Playing it Safe: Freedom and Governance in a Self-Service Analytics Environment
26 MIN
More Than Dots on a Map
26 MIN
So You Want to be a Data Scientist?
30 MIN
Traditional BI versus Modern BI – Does it Matter?
29 MIN
What’s the Story?
28 MIN

Congratulations and thanks to all the presales team members who helped make this event such a success!

About Alan Eldridge

Hi. I'm Alan. By day I manage the APAC sales engineering team for Snowflake Computing. By night, I'm a caped crusader. Or sleeping. Most often it's sleeping.
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