Choosing the right calculation type… encore!

A couple of days ago, Keith Helfrich (@KeithHelfrich posted a question to twitter about updating an old calculation selection diagram Bethany Lyon and I presented in a hands-on training session at Tableau Conference a couple of years ago. I responded with this diagram from my earlier post that outlines my current view.

Jonathan Drummey (@jonathandrummey) then jumped in and posted this absolute killer link to a discussion on the Tableau forums. He covers the options in way more detail, looking at the challenge from multiple angles such as performance, data volumes and complexity of maintenance.

This is a must-read article. Thanks for sharing, Jonathan!

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Hi. I'm Alan. By day I manage the APAC sales engineering team for Snowflake Computing. By night, I'm a caped crusader. Or sleeping. Most often it's sleeping.
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